This page is only for Bob Brandon
Wherever you live, whatever you do for a living, no matter how old or young, nationality, ethnicity or any other factor.  If your name is Bob Brandon, I'd like to offer you a free email address at  It's my way of sharing with others who share the same name.

As you may have guessed, my name is Bob Brandon.  It is my pleasure to be the owner of  It is also my intention to share this domain with others who have the same name.  I noticed there are quite a few of us when I began getting emails for the wrong Bob.  Whenever possible, I track them down and forward the mail. 

I waited years before this domain was available.  The original featured woodworking and Ebay items for sale.  It sat mostly unused for years until one day it was actually available.  It was a stroke of luck, and I'd like to share it with anyone else named Bob Brandon.  Simply fill out the quick request form for an email address on 

Give me your top three choices and I will do my best to make it available to you.  Please don't use it for spam or any illegal purpose.
Your address can be forwarded to your existing email, or you can check it online at

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new email.
Bob Brandon